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Yummy! We had those great bugs again for breakfast at Allred’s Auntie’s! Boy I wish we had those back home in Canada. Today we made the long ride back to where Allred lives.

This is where we stopped for gas. The man there could not stop laughing. Me thinks he don’t get lots of cats stopping. He insisted on taking a picture of us so he could post it.

He said Nobody would believes him.

We stopped at the top of the hill going down to where Allred and Bert (Four Legged Views) lives.

Allred wanted to makes sure me was covered with his scent. Bert’s Vickie has a Canine Country Club and there are lots and lots of dogs there!

Allred asked me if me was scared! Me! Scared! Me don’t get scared!

Allred was right! There was lots and lots of dogs and they all wanted to sniff me! Me was polite.

Me whapped with my claws in!

Bert knows cat! Allred teached him. He knows we touches noses we don’t sniff bums!

We had a very nice chat, we talked about Bert’s girlfriend Charlotte (Charlotte’s Salon) and some other stuff and then, Goose (Gospel of Goose) and his Mom came over to visit!

Me LOVES Goose and his Mom too!

I had a fabulous time! Bert’s Vickie even opened me a can of tuna!

Now me is very tired. Me is going to hide UTB (away from all those dogs) and has a long sleep.