What a difference a day makes

River on Wednsday

River on Wednesday

River Friday

River Friday

It rained all day yesterday rain and the warm temperatures has made our river goes up! We don’t has a flood watch – Yet. But if it rains more, we might has.

There have been some pretty big trees, a few lawn chairs and even a boat rushing down the river.

Me also has some things to shows yous



Now me is feeling much better (but a little tiny fainty) and me is packing to gets ready to goes to Hollywood for Callie’s Premiere.

Me and Sassy is chaperoning Kozmo and Callie.

Me don’t think me will be doing much hanging around with bratty kids though. Hollywood is MY TOWN and me intends to has a good time.


Me and Sly dancing the night away

Me has even dusted off my crown jewels (by Van Feline)

Me in my Crown Jewels

See yous Next Week on Callie and Sassy’s Blog – Troublin’ Times with me and Sassy

and Kozmo and Callie will be here on Cat From Hell!

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32 thoughts on “What a difference a day makes

  1. Nellie, if you get fainty, make sure you swoon into a handsome man or mancat’s arms! We’re 13 tails up that you are feeling well enough to pawty.

    And your RIVER…WOW!!!

  2. Pluma here, wow, watch that river. I lives by the rio grande, and was found there as a baby, but it usually has no water in it except on cowboy movies! Your catnip looks good. nom nom!

  3. Glad to hear you iz gonna be out lightin up the town! (AND you will be away from the floodogeddon!) I agree that if you feel the slightest bit fainty to make sure a dashing Mancat is standing by, you never can be too sure, you may need mouth to mouth. ;)

  4. Oh Nelle..I so want to dress up like you but Mom is pretty lame about photoshop stuff…pouting…And just look at you dancin’! I could do that too…if only…..well, Mom tries real hard bless her heart…paw waves Savannah

  5. Dear Nellie Bellie, please don’t go near the river! I would hate to see you swept away. Hollywood, Sly? I think you can do better than that. But have fun fun fun.

  6. Oh my! We hope you have your tiny boats at the ready, just in case! (Oh, and one with room for the nip, too.)

  7. Oh, Kozmo, my Sweet Ba-Boo – do be careful around that scary water! I am so looking forward to seeing you next week, I couldn’t sleep a wink last night (so for entertainment, I kept sneaking up behind Sassy and waking her up!). I can’t wait to be escorted down the red carpet by the most handsome cat in the world! Sassy said to tell Nellie she is really looking forward to meeting her.

  8. That water looks skeery, Nellie. Please be safe and enjoy your trip! We’ll check in on that catnip while your gone. Hee-hee.

  9. Oh my, that river is really rising. Even my assistant’s bad eyes can see it! Glad you are feeling mostly better.

    Your pal, Pip

  10. Penelope, I am sending all my purrs and loves for you purrsonally and for your family of mom and dad and hairy slobbery sisters.

  11. I hope there are no floods, Nellie – especially since your catnip is doing so well. I would not want to see anything happening to that!

  12. Hope there are no floods! I’m so glad you’re feeling mostly better. Have fun!
    Dachshund Nola

  13. My darling! Is it time for our Royal Portrait? If you are fainty, The King is always at your service. I LOVED your message today XOXOXOX

  14. Gosh Nellie, we sure hope that river does NOT come up to your house. Yikes. Glad you are feeling a lot better and are going out partying. Have yourself a wonderful time. Take care.

  15. Yipes Nellie! That water is sneaking up – you all better get your ark ready for sailing! Meanwhile you and Koz are off for PAWlywood huh? Sure hope you have fun and don’t get in with one of those wild crowds out there. Be careful but have a FABULOUS time. Mostly I’m happy that you’re feeling like dancin’ again! Looking forward to seeing some of the photos you send home to your peeps from the festivities you and Kozmo attend. Lifestyles of the rich and famous here you come!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  16. If you find a handsome mancat Nellie hang on to him if you feel light headed and we’re sure he will take great care of you. Remember looks and money are nice but a gentle giant with lots of money is a much better catch.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  17. Mom says the same thing is happening to our river here too! She rode her bike on the river trail this morning and the lower part was under water and flooded! I would hate to get my paws wet so I’m glad I stayed home where it’s dry.



  18. That river sure is rising fast. We hope you all stay safe, dear friends. Nellie, we are glad you are feeling better and better, too. Hugs!

  19. We are purring that the river doesn’t rise too much more! Wouldn’t want that luscious catnip washed away. Love the jewels and very glad you’re feeling well enough to pawty. Have fun!

    Laura & Taffy

  20. Glad to hear that you are almost your self again , Nellie :)
    Hope that river won´t flood your garden !
    I thought it was me you will dance the night away with in Hollywood ??
    I mean really I am a much better dancer than Sly !!

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