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River on Wednsday

River on Wednesday

River Friday

River Friday

It rained all day yesterday rain and the warm temperatures has made our river goes up! We don’t has a flood watch – Yet. But if it rains more, we might has.

There have been some pretty big trees, a few lawn chairs and even a boat rushing down the river.

Me also has some things to shows yous



Now me is feeling much better (but a little tiny fainty) and me is packing to gets ready to goes to Hollywood for Callie’s Premiere.

Me and Sassy is chaperoning Kozmo and Callie.

Me don’t think me will be doing much hanging around with bratty kids though. Hollywood is MY TOWN and me intends to has a good time.


Me and Sly dancing the night away

Me has even dusted off my crown jewels (by Van Feline)

Me in my Crown Jewels

See yous Next Week on Callie and Sassy’s Blog – Troublin’ Times with me and Sassy

and Kozmo and Callie will be here on Cat From Hell!