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Rumpy wrote about me yesterday!

First, me wants to send MANY  THANKS

 Yesterday he interviewed me in his blog and me wanted to say how special he is.

About Rumpy in his own words:

I was found on the side of a busy street.  Jenny thought she would help me find my home, but nobody claimed me! So now I live with her.  So does DeDe an older lady of unknown origins that was living at the trash dump.  There are also some cats- they each have their own story.  I have my own kitty!  Her name is Little Girl and she loves me.  She was born to a feral mama but you’d never know it now.

Rumpy interviews all kinds of interesting animals and he is so easy to talks to. He really can gets yous to open up. And his sister June Buggy (she is a cat) has the bestest RANTS!!!

Yous should goes and visits him!

Rumpy Rocks!

Rumpy me had to stop by and say YOU ROCKS!


About 3 weeks ago, me gots a package in the mail and inside was some treats for me!

Me wanted to let yous know me Pet Naturals of Vermont’s Calming treats is the bestest!

Pet Naturals of Vermont, Calming Cat Treats

I gots 2 packages of Cat Calming Treats.

Now mes has to let yous know, Mommy was very skeptical. Me is very hi-strung, me hates changes and me gets really mad really fast. And me uses my claws! LOTS! On my fur siblings and my peoples.

Me is known as the Cat From Hell. Yes, it is a nickname me has had for 12 years and me is STILL a nasty cat!

When me gots the treats, Mommy was not too sure if me would eats them as me is very small and very picky about what me will eat. And yes, me changes that daily just to keep my peoples on their toes. Me is not even much of a “treat” cat. Me has been known to leaves them for my little brother (the Brat). But me loves these treats! Me would eats as many as Me can get my nimble little claws on! Mommy has had to hide them in the fridge!

And they works!

Just last week, me and Kozmo (the bratty little brother) and Me slept on the sofa together (for the first time) and me and him slept in the sun puddle on the bed together a few times. Me has not been hiding in high place or on-top of the sofa and leaping great panther leaps onto Kozmo or the hairy slobbery sisters. Me has not been circling the house at a trot and MMMEEERRROOOWWWing after supper. And me has NOT whapped! AND Me has actually let Kozmo clean my ears!  Mommy is flabbergasted and is going to get more as she likes the new me. (Me kind of does too).

Me gives 5 paws out of 5 for Pet Naturals of Vermont’s Calming treats!

They sells LOTS more than calming treats. They has a whole bunch of great products. With the results me has had with the Calming Treat Mommy is looking at getting some of the Bladder Support and Hip and Joint Support for my Hairy Slobbery sister Bob (she is almost 12 years old)

They is on Facebook


They has a You Tube Channel

and a Blog!

Oh Yes! Me was not compensated in any way for this review, other than me received 2 packages of Calming Treats to try!



Queen Penelope