Man Cat Monday! 6 days til ChristMouse!

Me has been a very good boy! That makes Nellie mad.

She wanted me to play with the toys on the tree, but Mommy said that only good cats get toys from Santa Paws so me has been good.

Besides, we got some cool new toys from Bert at 4 Legged Views.

Like this cool Kong Kicker!

It is Tiger stripped and it has catnip in it!

Cat Kicker has kick

It smells heavenly! Oh! Yummy!

Chew Chew Chew Oh Yum, Snort! Chomp! Burp!

I Love You

Oh my goodness, I am in love! It just smells so good!

I need to rub myself all over with it!

Hungry! Wow! That is really good nip!

I feel really hungry, I wonder what is in my food dish?


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19 thoughts on “Man Cat Monday! 6 days til ChristMouse!

  1. Kizmo, Admiral loved you and I do too. Today’s blog shows why. xxxooo

  2. You are a Good Boy Kozmo, and I am certain that Sandy Paws will visit your house and leave you good presents. Nellie, now, well, I don;t know about Nellie.

  3. That looks like so much fun. But what is this “nip” you speak of? Would I like it? Should I ask Santa for some? Do you have to be a certain age to get it? I will have to ask MOM about this cuz it sure looks like it makes toys fun.

  4. Hmmm… humans are distracting you with toys so you will be “good” – I think I like that deal!

  5. In your food dish? Probably Nellie! She needs to keep up her strength for the slobbery sisters.

    Ms. Stella O’houligan

  6. Good Boy, Kozmo! You will get good presents from Sandy Claws. Don’t let Nellie talk you into anything. That kicker looks wonderful! Happy holidays to you and all of your family!

    Laura and Taffy

  7. Hi Koz!
    I would like to adopt you. I will gladly send you Peaches and Boots….they are being BIG noisy brats here…SPRAYING on mommy’s walls,couch,door….she put them into the garage now…(they have water/food/litter box/blankets)…they jsut won’t behave!!! will be getting COAL in THEIR dishes!!!
    You are a sweetie!!

  8. Kozmo, we know that the Big Red guy is coming to see you since you have been so good to leave the ornaments on the tree. That sure looks like a super toy. Only six more days. Hang in there.

  9. Don’t worry about Nellie getting mad… when it comes to the big guy in the red suit, it has to be every man cat for himself….

  10. Kozmo, that’s a pawsome kicker! And you’re lucky to get presents *before* Christmas!

    Just a few more days to be good…. ;-)

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