Wednesday …continued…into Thankful Thursday

Wow! Wes gotted some good guesses!!!

What is Cinnamon so Happy about?And she LIVES to chase her ball! This is her, “Daddy, whack that ball NOW!” bark.

Our hairy slobbery sister Cinnamon goes for walks a couple of times (or more) a day and she is a snow and cold lover. Wes has had a warmer than usual winter, Right now there is usually at least a foot of the horrible stuff on the ground and our Hairy Slobbery Sister Cinnamon LOVES snow!!!!

Cinny was telling Daddy to whack the ball up the road and into the snow.

Right now, she goes from snow pile to snow pile and she EATS the snow, like snow cones!

Here is her first stop!

GE DIGITAL CAMERAShe has a couple of BIG chomps before she brings the ball back.

GE DIGITAL CAMERAHere is the next pile, its a little smaller, but there is enough for her to gets some good bites and cool her belly

GE DIGITAL CAMERABy the next pile, she really chomped a whole bunch of snow before Mommy and Daddy caught up to her.

GE DIGITAL CAMERAAnd here is the last pile on the block before they turns left to goes home.

When asked how the snow cones was, this was Cinny’s answer


Thanks Daddy!


Wordless Wednesday with our Hairy Slobbery Sister

What is Cinnamon so Happy about?Hmmm….

Why is Cinny so excited?    CinnamonSig

Trickster Tuesday!

coyote_the_trickster_by_hyraxattax-d4azwu2Coyote! He is known as the trickster in most North American Indian tales (Mommy has NW Indian heritage). But in the Pacific Northwest tribes, Coyote is also viewed as a respected benefactor of humans, responsible for such important deeds as bringing fire to the people, teaching them the arts of civilization, and helping to shape the world for their benefit. In some tales, he is the creator of humanity or even the world, often in cooperation with other divine animal spirits.

They are a versatile species and their range has grown as the Wolves has shrunk and they has also adapted to living in urban areas. Where we lives in Calgary is close to what is called a “fringe” area. and wes gets lots of wild life that yous would not see closer to down town. And we sees Coyotes.

For foods, They prefers the rabbits and mice, but they will eat cats. In Midway, we is in the middle of the country and there are 2 active large coyote packs and 1 wolf pack. Coyotes is smart. Smarter than dogs! And purrhaps smarter than us cats! In the country (where Midway is) they don’t hunt domestic pets, unless they is really hungry as they knows peoples will gets mad and hunts them!!! However, they don’t has the same restrictions towards livestock. They knows peoples eats them so they figures they should be ables to eats them too!

CoyoteNot to tempt them, wes is kept in the house after supper (we eats at 4:30) and Cinnamon is not allowed out at night without being watched.

Coyotes is a necessary part of the eco-system and even though they can be dangerous to us cats, wes respects them and they respects us.

Now, in our house, wes has the trickster of all tricksters!!!! Jo Jo steals shoes, Cinnamon’s balls and anything that catches her fancy. Now here’s some shots of all of us today!

Our Hairy Slobbery Sister CinnamonOur Hairy Slobbery Sister Cinnamon

Kozmo and Jo Jo with the Tissue!

NinjaNinja with his nip cigar, hes taken up lots of nip since mes been gone, (Mes may has to stage a intervention when mes gets back to Calgary…)

Nel  Last bit not least…mes snuggled up to Mommy! Mes not MERROWWING at Jo Jo, but mes still pretty tentative when shes around and she’s not chasing mes like she was. Kozmo must has read the riot act to her!