Ho Hum…

Mommy gotted home furry late on Thursday night. SHE was supposed to comes home Wednesday, but she gotted a interview on Thursday and could not come home until it was over.

Does yous thinks wes was excited to sees her? First, mes ignored her today

YOU! You abandoned mes for 10 Days!!!Kozmo losted his place beside Daddy on the big bed and had a terrible sleep last night.

There is not enough room for you and me. Go AWAY!PLUS he said he could smell Man Cat on Mommy!

Jo-Jo, well she don’t cares about anything….

Are You my Mommy? I don't think so...Cinnamon, actually CRIED when Mommy gotted home and Mommy had to sits and cuddles her for a hour when she comed in the house!

GE DIGITAL CAMERAMeanwhile, back in Calgary, Alex had to give Ninja a balloon!

MommyHome5What does yous do when your Mommy or Daddy leaves yous?

AllCatsSig CinnamonSig

Wordy Wednesday – Finish the Sentence Game #8

Many thanks to all of yous who entered! Wes had 33 answers to load into Randomizer and they was ALL most excellent! The winners this week is the Mayorz of Blogville!!!

My pals from the same city as one of the loves of my life…ALRED and Easy (the Coach)’s Twin (and a doggy mes LOVES too – Goose)

And the winner to the 8th Finish the Sentence Game, as selected by Random.org Its Murphy & Stanley!!!!


I cannot wait for tomorrow because I get better looking Every Day!!!

I cannot wait for tomorrow because I get better looking every day!!!

Besides being the firstest dual Mayorz, they is the firstest dogs mes drawed! Mes hopes yous likes them!


Finish the Sentence Game – Week #8

The contest for today is closed!

The winner (as chosen by Randomizer) is Murphy and Stanley!!!!

cuz I get better looking every day BOL!
Your Pals,
Murphy & Stanley


Yes folks, it is the day yous all been waiting for! Its Finish the Sentence Day!!

It was our 7th game last week. So this is Week 8! Can yous believes it!?!

The winner last week was (as chosen by Randomizer), is Wally at the Island Cats  and his answer was:

wally copy
If I was a dog, I would roll in the grass!

The question this week is

I cannot wait for tomorrow because____________________________

Now puts on your thinking caps!!!

ThinkingCapBadgeWhat is the rules? The only one is yous has to leaves a answer. If there is more than 1 pet at your blog, yous has to tells us which one entered what answer. If more than one is entering, we asks that yous please adds a post for each one, if yous puts more than one in a post, wes might miss it (maybe wes needs a new assistant…)

Don’t forgets — yous needs to enter BEFORE 5:30 PM (Pacific Daylight Time) on Tuesday April 21. This week wes gots to be really strict about the time as Mommy will be getting up before the sun does to drives back home from Calgary to Midway on Wednesday.

Signature copy

Man Cat Monday – With Ninja

I am a little tired…I even have a bit of a dangle happening…

Gosh I'm Tired!Mommy was out shopping, and when she came home, she put on my collar and leash and let me go outside. After Mommy shlepped all the stuff she bought into the condo and put stuff away in the fridge, she came out to check on me and…

GE DIGITAL CAMERAI thought I had done a great job of tangling my leash.

Rolling feels great!I rolled on Mommy’s feet, and then

Rolling the other way I rolled the other way, and

Rolling some moreI demanded a tummy rub (no picture, Mommy’s hands were full of my tummy) Then I rolled some more and then

can I go in now?I want to go in Mommy, its still pretty cold and I can’t go anywhere. Oh and you need to brush me off…

Can you brush me off?— I know that if I am a good boy, I can have some treats!

Yummy, yummy, yummy, I got LOVE in my tummy!Yummy! Thanks for buying me treats Mommy! Did you buy a whole bunch so that we don’t run out while you are gone? My Daddy forgets…..


Artsy Caturday with Ninja!

Nellie and Mommy have been doing Caturday Art in the styles of some of Mommy’s favorite artists. BUT I wanted Mommy do something that I thought up! I wanted her to create something that was made up with a whole bunch of Cat Eyes!!!

Here is what she did for ME!!!

I want Eyes

I want Eyes

I love the Eyes!!!

Wes joining Athena the Cat Goddess! She has a Saturday Art Blog Hop!

CaturdayArt1BlogHopButton150x150_zpsbe54d2dcAs WordPress does not allow Linkys, click here to go to Athena’s Blog to see the other entries!

AND wes part of New_Pet_Parade_button_500x500As above, WordPress does not do linkys so click here to see whose pawticipating!