Finish the Sentence Game — Week 22


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When mes started this game, me never thought mes would still be doing it half a year later! Yes..last week was 1/2 a year — that 6 months of cartoon fun!
And the winner (as selected by Randomizer) was – TRAVIS at the Lone Star Cats!

He said,

You are what you believe you are – and I is a TIGER!

Week21=Travis72Yous can read his post about his win here!

Now onto this week….the sentence is:

Hot days are….

What is the rules? The only one is yous has to leaves a answer.

If there is more than 1 pet at your blog, yous has to tells us which one entered what answer.

Don’t forgets — yous needs to enter BEFORE 4:30 PM (Pacific Daylight Time) Tuesday.

kozthinkingcapNow gets out your thinking caps!



Man Cat Monday – Nachos!!!


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MCM1Daddy made some Nachos.

Kozmo LOVES the sour cream and the cheese, mes caught his action in some pictures!

MCM4I am waiting Daddy! Hurry up with those NACHOS!!!!

MCM2You are eating them all! Aren’t you going to give me any?

MCM7I am STARVING!!! I am wasting away…please please give me some!


MCM8Alright! Sour Cream!!! YUmmmyyyy!

MCM10Oh! Yesssss! That is more like it!!!



MCM6Thanks, now can I have MORE????


We Messed up But it was for the Best!


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Because Mommy is so busy, we did our Caturday Art early and Mommy set it up for posting at a future time–she gotted the DATE wrong!!!

By the time wes noticed it was too late, so we leaved it.

THEN wes readed Easy’s blog this morning! Poor Easy has a boo-boo that is causing him great pain!!! Mes sure his Mommy and Daddy is tired of catering to his every whim, so mes putted on my Nurse outfit, stocked my first aid kit with doggie treats and leaped into my tunnel to takes care of him!!!

So mes is posting for Caturday!!!

NurseNel&Easy copyEasy’s Mommy…can yous makes mes some Catnip tea?

Oh Yes…

Wes joining Athena the Cat Goddess! She has a Saturday Art Blog Hop!

CaturdayArt1BlogHopButton150x150_zpsbe54d2dcAs WordPress does not allow Linkys, click here to go to Athena’s Blog to see the other entries!


Portrait of a Queen


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PortraitofQueenNellie2 copyThis week, wes going back to the 16th Century for a portrait of glorious ME!!!


Thankful Thursday with Kozmo


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Dear Ceiling Cat

Thank you for listening to my purrayers and bringing me home safe and sound.

Thank you for taking care of Jo Jo, and making sure she was safe while we were gone

ThankfulThursday copyAnd I have one more request, can you fill our garden with catnip?

We are participating in the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

Thankful-Thursday-Wekly-Blog-Hop-Banner21-300x300Click here to go to Pepsi’s Blog and see the others who are Thankful!



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