Caturday Art – with Jo Jo


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Boy, Mommy really liked Jo Jo’s selfie…

J&K6 copyFirst she used it in the Cheezie post

JoJoSelfie4Then in the Selfie Post

JoJoSelfie4 copyThen Mommy added Levon to show what Jo Jo was thinking about

Jo3 copyAnd NOW she turned her into a Varsley Painting!

Mes is a little miffed that this week has been ALL About Jo Jo!

Wes joining Athena the Cat Goddess! She has a Saturday Art Blog Hop!

CaturdayArt1BlogHopButton150x150_zpsbe54d2dcAs WordPress does not allow Linkys, click here to go to Athena’s Blog to see the other entries!



Thankful Thursday With Nellie and Jo Jo!


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Remember Jo Jo’s selfie on Sunday? Well, mes asked and she told mes why she had such a marvelous look on her face…

JoJoSelfie4 copyYep! She was thinking of her Lover Boy – LEVON! She went and visited him too!

JoJo&Levon2 copyShe LOVES the Critters In the Cottage Hammock (and Levon)!

N&JShe was so tired when she gotted home, she did something she had never done before! She cuddled with mes and Daddy!!!

JL2Is it not amazing what LOVE can do!!!


Finish the Sentence Game # 26


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Yes furrends…me has been making the cartoon monkey draws cartoons for 6 MONTHS!!! Mes did say that before, but mes was wrong…this time mes RIGHT and the extra special winner, as selected by Randomizer, is my Mezzer Man Cat Merlin from Cat Wisdom 101.

Now the Cartoon Monkey was gone from home for a couple of days. She was pretty tired when she gotted home. Who knew that being totally away from computers (her Auntie does not has internets) could bes so tiring! It could not bes the 8 hours of driving, because Mommy is used to way more traveling when wes goes to Calgary. Maybe it was the staying up late (for an extra 3 hours)  our perhaps all the talking….but she was so furry tired. Mes thought she was going to has a snooze this afternoon…but mes would not let her.

Now the Question for Week #26 was

When I have free time I

And Merlin said

Free time? We don’t mark time so we have all the time in the world but special free time? Merlin loves hammock time with me mum by the big sugar maple that reminds us of Canada.

The Cartoon Monkey was like

CartoonMonkeyHow am I going to do this one?

Then she gotted it!

And here is the  cartoon of Merlin and his Mom Layla!!!


Wes hopes yous likes it!


Finish the Sentence Game 26!


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Last week, our furrends at Cat Wisdom 101 had a great infographic on emergency preparedness from the ASPCA. Merlin told us about the great stickers yous can gets from them for whan a emergency happens and the peoples is not home, and the emergency people will knows how many pets is in the house!


And the Winner this week is…My favorite gentleman Meezer…MERLIN at Cat Wisdom 101, who said…Free time? We don’t mark time so we have all the time in the world but special free time? Merlin loves hammock time with me mum by the big sugar maple that reminds us of Canada.

Hmmmmm……mes wonders what the Cartoon Monkey will do with this one……


Did yous miss us yesterday?

That’s because Mommy went to visit her Auntie. Alas, Uncle Ted passed away last week and her Auntie Helen was feel blue. Mommy and her Aunt is like sisters, so Mommy gotted into her car, and leaved us. Her Auntie does not has internet. Now she’s NOT home yet, but she will be in time for the end of the game, so mes getting ready for the Finish the Sentence Game all by myself!!!

And the winner of Week #25 – as selected by Randomizer was Mr. Jack Freckles!! He said:

I am truly training to learn how to shake my furs out without keeling over…since I now have this silly head tilt and drunken gait…sheesh…
But I really want to train to stay upright on the stairs going down is interesting. to say the least! I sleep at the top of the steps to guard the door against intruders to my pawrents bedroom…

Thanks fur all the POTP on my behalf. I am getting better…slowly but surely:)

And here is what the Cartoon Monkey comed up with!

MrJackNow onto this week

When I have free time I ________________________

What is the rules? The only one is yous has to leaves a answer.

If there is more than 1 pet at your blog, yous has to tells us which one entered what answer.

Don’t forgets — yous needs to enter BEFORE 4:30 PM (Pacific Daylight Time) Tuesday.


Now its been a few days since yous got to sees glorious me! So here me is!!!


Selfie Sunday with Jo Jo


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JoJoSelfie1Nellie says I can do the selfie Sunday, but its harder than I thought!

JoJoSelfie2Kozmo! Quit laughing at me! I am trying to look at the camera, but the timer is not working for me!

JoJoSelfie3Nellie! Can you give me a paw? Its harder than I thought.



Wes pawticipating in the Cat on My Head Selfie Sunday!

Alas, WordPress does not do linkies, so click here and see all the other pawticipants at The Cat on my Head.


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