Artsy Caturday and Happy July 4th to our American Furrends!


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What a week! Mommy says it has been hotter than hell!

That is where today’s picture comes from.  Mommy carries the stuff in jars in the jar boxes to the plastic cases she uses for carrying to the market and today, she leaved a box but the cases at the front door. Guess who finded it!?


And when Mommy said, “Why would you not get into a box on Box Day?, he laughed!!!

We created the art in Photoshop, first we cutted out Koz


Then Mommy added some layers and smudged him


(Mommy likes this picture the best)


Next a texture and some paint splotches.


Then she added more splotches. Kozzie thinks it looks wonderful and so does mes!

Now – Happy Birthday USA!!!!

hAPPY4TH copy

And Jo Jo is dancing to celebrate the 4th of July! Wes will be celebrating tomorrow too while Mommy and Daddy is at the Farm Market (where they will be celebrating with all the US peoples who visits!)

Wes joining Athena the Cat Goddess! She has a Saturday Art Blog Hop!

CaturdayArt1BlogHopButton150x150_zpsbe54d2dcAs WordPress does not allow Linkys, click here to go to Athena’s Blog to see the other entries!


The Canada Day Pawty Continues….


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PartyCanada Day is so much fun! Wes danced!

Fireworks9896Some Fireworks!

Party1Wes played games!

cats-having-partyMore Dancing!


More games!


Some Drinks

Course Information:And today…wes recovering… (Mommy had to put the sofa back together many, many times…)Jo-Jo 3-8-2WWCinny

 Sees yous tomorrow!!!


Winner Week #18 and Happy Canada Day!


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First, mes going to tells yous what those Canadian word means!

ToqueToque – the ultimate in high Canadian fashion. worn year round whether it’s cold or warm outside. and yes it does get warm in Canada! What does one look like? These 2 hosers is wearing Toques!




Donair – This meat-heavy, Turkish dish was actually invented in Halifax, although it bears strong relation to what the rest of the world would call a “gyro,” a “doner kebab,” or a “shawarma.” Less than one fifth of the non-Canadians recognized the term.



HomoHomo Milk – This is milk with 3.25% fat and is exclusively called “whole milk” in both Britain and the United States, where the vast majority of respondents were completely unfamiliar with the Canadian term.





ParkadeParkade – In the U.S. and Commonwealth, multi-storey concrete parking structures are known as “parking garages” or “parking decks.” As such, while “parkade” is often the official posted term in dozens of Canadian malls and downtown, almost none of the non-Canadian survey respondents could identify the term.

RobertsonRobertson Screwdriver – The square-head screw and screwdriver were invented by Peter L. Robertson, a from Ontario, Canada. He wanted a fastening system that had a firmer hold and less slippage than slotted screws and screwdrivers. His design consists of a tapered square-tipped screwdriver that fits into a matching square recess in the screw head. Robertson screws and drivers are most commonly used in Canada due to Robertson’s refusal to license his technology to other manufacturers.

MickeyMickey – A 375 ml bottle of liquor. In the United States, the term “mickey” is slang term for a date rape drug, and 69% of Americans were unaware of its more benign Canadian usage. Mickey is actually one of a series of uniquely Canadian booze measurements revealed by the survey. “Two four” (a case of 24 beers), “twenty sixer” (a 750 ml bottle of  liquor) and “forty-pounder” (a 1.14 liter bottle of liquor) were all virtually unknown outside the Great White North.


coloured_pencils_thumbPencil Crayons – Americans call them “colored pencils” and Brits call them “colouring pencils,” but despite what Canadians have stuck firmly to the above term, which Jules Sherred suspects is the result of mashing the English “coloured pencils” with the French “crayon de couleur.” A mere 14% of Americans recognized the term.


FreeziesFreezies – as most Canadians are aware, are like popsicles, only that instead of being served on a stick, they come in a cheek-lacerating plastic sleeve. In a world where the product is known by everything from California Snow to Ice Tickles, Canadians have fervently laid claim to the least-creative term for the summer treat. Only 28% of Americans and 11% of Commonwealth residents had ever heard the term “freezies.”


How Many did yous get right yesterday?

NOW the Winner of the Finish the Sentence Game!!!

The winner, as selected by randomizer is Tessa from When the Catis Away!!

She said, “I also want to become a Cat From Hell, so on my visit to Canada, you’ve to bestow this title on me! “

Has yous been to their blog? They is a new one (just started in April) and wes been reading their posts. Here is a little more about the blog as written by their human.

To be the mouse or the cat

I’ve always wondered if “cat owner” is an appropriate term. Can you really own a cat or will the cat own you?

My rescue cats Tessa and Kajsa moved in on April 23rd, and we’re slowly getting to know each other. They call me mamma, because we belong to the Swedish-speaking minority in Finland. I’ve never had cats before, so this is a newbie blog.

The cartoon monkey did a jig of happiness as so many people was ready to visit ALL us Canadian Cats!!!

dancinmonkeyAnd here is Mes giving Tessa her Cat From Hell Badge!


And here is her badge on the Cat From Hell page on our blog!!

TessaisaCatFromHellNow mes is having the best Canada Day Pawty EVER! Wes going to goes tubing down the Kettle River!


Finish The Sentence Game Week #18 – Canada Day Edition


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And the winner this week, as selected by randomizer is Tessa from When the Cat is Away!!!

This one is going to bes a TON of FUN!!!!

I also want to become a Cat From Hell, so on my visit to Canada, you’ve to bestow this title on me! /Tessa

Stay tuned for the new cartoon and What those Canadian Words is!!!


Tomorrow is Canada Day. As mes Canadian, mes thought wes would celebrate all things Canadian this week, first, a Moose

Moose2 copyYous can populate your world with a whole herd (if yous likes)

MooseAnd now some word fun!!

Mes going to gives yous the list of Canadian Words that might leaves yous with a blank stare. Answers tomorrow with the Cartoon!

  1. Toque – used by 100% of Canadians _______________________________
  2. Donair – used by 71% of Canadians ________________________________
  3. Homo Milk – used by 92% of Canadians _____________________________
  4. Parkade – used by 71% of Canadians ______________________________
  5. Robertson Screwdriver – used by 92% of Canadians ___________________
  6. Mickey – used by 88% of Canadians ________________________________
  7. Pencil Crayon – used by 96% of Canadians __________________________
  8. Freezies – used by 98% of Canadians ______________________________

If yous gotta looks them up, wait until tomorrow, mes will has pictures!!!


Last weeks cartoon was of one of my favorite Gurrl Furrends! Mes LOVES Katie and her and mes LOVES the Man Cats!

She said, ON my next vacation I wish to go to San Francisco, Malaysia and the UK to see three special mancats. Spitty, Boomer and Austin. I am up to no good of course.

Katie's Vacation72 copyNow onto this week’s sentence

On a visit to Canada I  __________________________________

Mes can’t wait to sees what yous comes up with!!!!

What is the rules? The only one is yous has to leaves a answer.

If there is more than 1 pet at your blog, yous has to tells us which one entered what answer.

Don’t forgets — yous needs to enter BEFORE 4:30 PM (Pacific Daylight Time) Tuesday.

Now, puts on your thinking caps, writes your sentence and makes us all laughs!!!Sig4

Man Cat Monday – Kozmo Talks About Nellie


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Cool0Kozmo here, I gotta tell you…it is still HOT! Its so HOT I am not going outside!

I cook! With my glorious shiny black furs, I cook. Inside, with the air conditioner is great! I did go out the other night, and I stayed out for most of it…because it was cool. THEN, the coyotes started singing and I was yelling at Daddy to let me in.

Today I saw something that I thought I would NEVER EVER see happen.

cOOL2See this, it is Nellie Bellie in front of a fan! AND the fan is blowing!!!!

Cool3I just had to ask, “Nellie, whatcha doing!?!

Why I am cooling off in front of the fan.

Cool4You are too HOT?

Well, mes was, but Daddy turned on the fan and now mes feels just purrfect. Mes thinks mes will has a snooze.

KozmoYou heard it here first folks, Nellie is finally warm!!

KOZMOSigPS. Sending sweet kisses to my Malou!!!



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