Goodbye Dear Furrends

This is said with a heavy heart, but it is time to say goodbye.

LastPost copyWes has been blogging since August 2, 2010 and between Blogger and WordPress, wes writed 1435 posts!

Yous has been with mes as mes travelled back and forth between Midway and Calgary (lots and lots), when mes losted hissy old Licorice, my hairy slobbery sisters Sam and Bob and when mes gotted my new siblings, Kozmo and Jo Jo and the hairy slobbery sister Cinnamon.

Mes has had fun being a Real Housecat of the Interwebs! Mes getting losted in Calgary overnight and mes writing about when mes gotted losted at Lassie Lake for 5 days. And when Jo Jo came to visits, mes gotted to spends lots of time with furrends on my Run Away World Tour.

Mes has LOVED being a Pirate, a Drama Queen, and pawticipating in so many other events. Kozmo gotted to be a FBI Agent and track down Mr Chirpy (that is where Sammy at One Spoiled Cat became his sidekick) and Finding his grrl cat furrend when she was kidnapped.

Mes has loved too many handsome mancats to list (cus if mes missed even one of yous off the list by accident, yous might think mes did not loves yous and that would not be the truth). Mes has lots of grll furrends too and mes LOVES all of yous (and the Donkeys Smoke and Joe).

Mes has woofie furrends too who has been a big part of my life on line.

And then my most funnest thing this last year has been the Finish the Sentence Game. Mes is going to miss haranguing the cartoon Monkey!

see you later alligator

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Talk Like a Pirate Day! Arrg! Me Maties!


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Wes are celebrating one of the best days of the year!

Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Mes is Speedy’s Date and wes can bes found at Speedy’s through the duration both at Speedy’s and at his page on Facebook

Pirates copyLeft to right- Cinnamon, Kozmo, Malou (Critters in the Cottage), glorious Mes, Levon (Critters in the Cottage), and Jo Jo.

NellieandSpeedyToast copySo comes and joins mes and Speedy at the pawty!!


PS. Sorry dear furrends, we will not be posting for a while.

Missing Lucy



PortraitofLucyLucy at 15 and Meowing is gone and mes is furry sad.

Unlike mes, she would lets her Mommy dress her up.

Mes always LOVED to reads her posts (especially her book reviews). Mes also loved that she was a older feisty cat (like mes), did not like other cats a whole lot (likes mes), she made messes (like mes).

Wes LOVES 15 and Mewing, they is such a wonderful group and shares everything (especially their catnip toys!)

Wes is sending them all our love and strength to deal with the passing of Beautiful Lucy! She will bes missed!



Artsy Caturday – Me and My Date


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GettingReadyforPirateDaySpeedy the Cheeky House Bunny and mes is getting ready for Meow like a Pirate Day, is yous?

Oh Yes.. wes gussied up the cartoon too!


Wes joining Athena the Cat Goddess! She has a Saturday Art Blog Hop!

CaturdayArt1BlogHopButton150x150_zpsbe54d2dcAs WordPress does not allow Linkys, click here to go to Athena’s Blog to see the other entries!


Winner Week #27 – Mo Cats Day!


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Mouses….The Mommy Cartoon Monkey is is still whining and moaning around. They is sure a pain when they is not well. Get me this, do that, quit purring in my ear……it never ends, but mes did get Mommy the Cartoon Monkey to draws Seville’s Cartoon.

Wes hopes yous all knows Seville, he tooked over the reins at Nerrisa’s Life when Nerrisa went over the bridge. Seville is well known for discovering egg beater technology for transporting us cats from place to place. Hes also a great writer. Wes dies laughing when wes reads his posts! Especially the Mouses ones. Click here to visit his site.

Now the sentence was:

On Mo Cats Day, I want __________________________

And randomizer picked Seville!!!!

Without further Ado, Seville said:

On mo cats day, I want……mo cuddles, mo kisses, mo treats and, of course, MO NIP!

Seville72The Mommy Cartoon Monkey was trying to figures out cuddles and kisses and mes said that lots of nip would keeps ALL us cats happy!!!

Anyways, mes is going to puts Mommy the Monkey backs in bed as soon as wes posts. Mes is going to sits on her so she does not gets up and can things!



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