Count Down to New Years!!!


NYE1This is going to be the bestest New Years EVER!
Me has had a plethora of invitations!

NYE2Is yous going to do anything special?

Don’t forget..

Mes is  sharing the spirit of the season with my furrends with a contest. Me created a graphic, and to enter MY contest, all yous has to do is send it back (to my email penelope (dot) with YOUR choices selected!

ThankfulMes will then post it on my Thankful Contest page!

Me is incredibly happy, as me has Mommy’s PayPal Account Password. The more who enters, the more money Marg (of Marg’s Animals) will get($1 for each entry).

Margand we has a GREAT PRIZE!!!

Wes will send the WINNER of the draw (of all the entries) Winnie’s Wish cat toys made by the Celestial Kitties’ (Leo and Star’s) Mommy!

LeoStarThese is the bestest cat toys in the world and the money for the toys goes to Crystal at the Winnie’s Wish Cathouse. Yous can click here to see the great toys!! (And yous can have them made with Catnip or Silvervine)

So Print the picture and email it back to mes Penelope (dot)
before Monday (December 30th) morning and yous will bes entered!


NOTE: The I Am thankful Page Crashed and wes had to rebuild it!!!
If yous left comments on that page…Wordpress Ate them.

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24 thoughts on “Count Down to New Years!!!

  1. I’m partying hard to ring in 2014! I just looked at your thankful page – how awesome to see so many of my pals there!

  2. Mowzers how cool is that?? We’ll totally play and send you our email as soon as mommy gets back to work the keyboard for us!!

  3. Oh Nellie, thank you so much for doing this for all of us. You know that we really really appreciate it a lot. Take good care and Happy New Year to ya.

  4. Me woll try to get Mum to do da Thankful grffick thingy…no purromisez as she is challenged ya nose!!! MOL!! As fer Mew Yeer’z me n Mum goin to Sammy’z 14th Birfday pawty…wait dat izz sa ferst…okayz we not nose what we are doin…
    Lub ya Nellie…

  5. Fireworks means we stay home New Years eve Nellie plus with the dry ground it’s safer for all if we hunker down and watch a cheesy movie :) we will be online of course because blogville will be having a party!! hugs Fozziemum xx

  6. We’re spending a quiet night at home with Mommy and Daddy! :)


    Moosey, Gracie and Zoe

  7. nellie….we iz gonna fly high on sum quality oat grazz :)
    happee earll lee 2014 two ewe N yur familee in case we iz at de foodz bowl
    frum munceehez when de new yeeer rings inn :) !!!!

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