At Allred’s and Bert’s

Yummy! We had those great bugs again for breakfast at Allred’s Auntie’s! Boy I wish we had those back home in Canada. Today we made the long ride back to where Allred lives.

This is where we stopped for gas. The man there could not stop laughing. Me thinks he don’t get lots of cats stopping. He insisted on taking a picture of us so he could post it.

He said Nobody would believes him.

We stopped at the top of the hill going down to where Allred and Bert (Four Legged Views) lives.

Allred wanted to makes sure me was covered with his scent. Bert’s Vickie has a Canine Country Club and there are lots and lots of dogs there!

Allred asked me if me was scared! Me! Scared! Me don’t get scared!

Allred was right! There was lots and lots of dogs and they all wanted to sniff me! Me was polite.

Me whapped with my claws in!

Bert knows cat! Allred teached him. He knows we touches noses we don’t sniff bums!

We had a very nice chat, we talked about Bert’s girlfriend Charlotte (Charlotte’s Salon) and some other stuff and then, Goose (Gospel of Goose) and his Mom came over to visit!

Me LOVES Goose and his Mom too!

I had a fabulous time! Bert’s Vickie even opened me a can of tuna!

Now me is very tired. Me is going to hide UTB (away from all those dogs) and has a long sleep.

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28 thoughts on “At Allred’s and Bert’s

  1. dachshundnola

    You had a PAWSOME adventure!

  2. Miss Nellie is slepeing now in the kitty bedroom. Save and sound with Allred watching over her. I gotta tell you all that I am amazed at what she did to Allred. Or maybe this Nice side of him will only last as long as she is here, but wow….he hasn’t bit my butt once all day. And if you didn’t already know, me and My Vickie just LOVE Sweet Nellie.

    So when you wake up Nellie, and you read this post, come on out for a little breakfast tuna. We all want you to feel right at home, cause you have brought such peace to our house.
    Much Love

  3. What an adventure! How cool is that?!

  4. Nellie my darling girl, You are so BRAVE! You is a Warrior Princess! I hope you had a great snooze under that beddie and that visions of Sugarplums, er, Woofies danced through your heddie! XOXOXO

  5. Oh Nellie Bellie I am so excited you are here. I loved meeting you in the furs. You are softer than I even imagined. If any of the other dogs bother you jsut let me know. I know you have Allred to take care of you, but if he needs backup I am here.

  6. Awww, those are such sweet smoochies you guys shared!

  7. So glad you’re having fun Nellie,but I can’t wait till you’re back too.bunny kisses Speedy

  8. Is there love in the air Nellie – thank goodness there were no pictures of bum sniffing or we would have blushed!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. WOW , what an adventure , Nellie !
    I bet you had funnier than I had on the Catshow :)

  10. what a splendid trip!! Now you are even Queen of the DOgs! great pics!!!

  11. Gosh, yoo’s must be exhausted… Yooo’s haven’t stopped. Go and enjoy yor nap.
    Luv’s all the photies..We luv’s Goose tooo :)
    Mollie and Alfie xx

  12. We think this is probably the best trip ever, Nellie!

    The Chans

  13. We are so happy you had a good time Nellie. Your adventure beats Jack Kerouac paws down!!! xox

  14. Way, way too much traveling for me!!

  15. Nellie it sounds like you and Allred have had a really wonderful trip together so far. So many adventures and beautiful scenery to enjoy – not to mention all those crunchy bugs to snack on! I know Kozmo and the slobbery sisters will be happy to have you home when your adventure is over but ENJOY the rest of your vacation!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  16. You precious girl! Both of you have had quite an adventure. I love the pictures snapped along the way! I can imagine that guy saying no one would believe him…it was good of you and Allred to let him use his Flashy Box. I imagine you re very very tired dear Nellie. Rest well. xoxoxox

  17. What a terrific time! UTB is a good thing, it’s the paws that refreshes!

  18. Looks like you and Allred are having a good time…well, ‘cept for those woofies! Are you two nose-kissing on top of that hill?? ;)

  19. Nellie – you need to come back pretty soon. All of your other mancats are getting jealous. Remember with multiple mencats, its all about the skill of juggling!

  20. Amazing! A doggie trained to speak cat? We’re stunned! Nice of you, Nellie, to not use claws when whapping!

  21. Terri

    What an adventure with so much visiting along the way! We are proud of you for not using your claws on the doggies. Have a nice nap, Nellie :)

  22. What an awesome adventure you had, Nellie! You deserve a long nap to rest and recover.

  23. What a great adventure! You don’t sniff bums? You don’t know what you’re missing.

  24. Lucky girl. We would love to visit Miss Vicki and Pastor Michelle! Hope you are haffin a great time. xoxoxoxo

    Pee Ess – we left you an award over on our bloggie.

  25. Hi Darling, Thanks for not hissing at me today! It was quite a relief! Ha ha meow! When are you coming home so I can visit?

  26. Laura & Taffy

    Even though this started as a surprise vacation, it’s turned into a wonderful one, Nellie. We think you are becoming fonder of Allred every day. Have a good nap UTB, and then we’ll see what further adventures are in store for you. Purrs.

  27. Nellie, you really are amazing to be so brave with all those doggies there. We would be hiding for sure. Glad you had such a good time. Looks like fun.

  28. Whoa! That is awesome! You got to meet Good and Bert and the rest of the gang! AND you didn’t draw blood! I am very impressed.

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