Arty Saturday

This week wes doing a favor for my sister Jo Jo. She wanted mes to do a glamor shot of the Love of her Life – LEVON at the Critters in the Cottage and here it is:

First – here is the picture of Levon she wanted:

Levon Before And here is him after mes did my voodoo….

Levon AfterWes pawticipating

Athena the Cat Goddess has a Saturday Art Blog Hop which we is joining!


As WordPress does not allow Linkys, click here to go to Athena’s Blog to see the other entries!


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Wordy Wednesday

Me is beyond miffed! Mommy is STILL SICK!!!

Those is nasty viruses. And she is behind at work, so she works at home when she should be spending time with mes!!!

Ands she goes to beds early!

Last night, when Mommy went to bed at 8:00 PM, mes stole her phone. And mes finded some pictures on it mes is going to shares with yous.

First – here is a picture on Hwy 33 about 60 Kms (that’s about 38 miles) from our house


Mommy tooked it for the beautiful yellows. Up on the mountain in the background, yous can see all the tamarack trees (Larch) turning yellow. Soon the valley along Hwy 33 will be ablaze!

While Mommy was in Midway, her and Daddy went up to Lassie Lake – that’s the Lake where me lived all by myself for a week (me writed about it in Nellie’s Big Adventure). My hairy slobbery sisters, Bob and Sam  both LOVED fishing and Mommy and Daddy wanted to scatter their ashes up at the Lake)

They throwed the fish boat in the back of the truck, made some sandwiches and loaded Cinnamon in the truck and drived up to Lassie Lake.

Cinnamon had never been fishing before as Mommy and Daddy has been doing Farm Markets every weekend in the summer since she was adopted and she was not too sure about the whole adventure, but she caught on pretty quick!


Look at her laughing!!!


And here is Daddy sprinkling a little of Bob and Sam over the big hole where wes always catches fishies. (Just a little bit because that was their favorite spot on the lake. They would get to jump in the water at the spot and swim to shore for a potty break on the point in the background)


Here is a picture of the road that goes in and out of the lake. Yous can see it was raining and Mommy got furry wet getting the boat in and out of the water and sitting in the rain in the boat – (no wonder she got attacked by all those viruses!)


Here is a furry bad picture of Kozmo, me is showing it because look where that brat is!

He is on MY BED on MY HEATING PAD!!! Goodness! If mes was there, he sure would gets a whapping!!!

Here is a picture of the minx Jo Jo


She asked Mommy to takes a picture of her for the love of her life – LEVON

Finally, here is a picture of Ninja, wes was taking pictures for Selfie Sunday, but Mommy never gotted them posted, she spent all day in bed!


And – What yous all been waiting for – a picture of Mes writing the post!


Next time, mes going to makes sure that Mommy takes her Camera, these cell phone shots is NOT the bestest.


PS, mes hoping to comments when mes reads your Blogs this week, but mes never knows …if wes reads yous in bed on the Nook…mes has too much troubles with the little letters on the little screen

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Me is Getting a Little Miffed!!

Mommy went to Midway last weekend and leaved mes home with my human brother and Ninja. That was OK, but wess did NOT has TURKEY!!!

And when Mommy came home,

mOMMY copyShe was attacked by a zillion cold viruses and has been sick ALL WEEK, And she’s still SICK!!!

Mes HOPING mes will gets a post out and visits everybody next week.

In the meantime, mes did not knows peoples could bark as loud and as long as doggies…

GE DIGITAL CAMERAHope to sees yous soon!

Signature copyPS Mes sending Lots of Purrs to Mew Mew at Marg’s Animals!


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