Selfie Sunday With The Cat On My Head!

Every Sunday The Cat on My Head has Selfie Sunday! And wes is pawticipating, however it is also Easy Sunday & Mes wanted to shows yous some pictures of my hairy slobbery sister Cinnamon.


First Yous can click here to joins the bloghop and sees all the other selfies – Take it away The Cat on My Head!!!

Ninja SelfiFirst up the NINJA Selfie and next

Nellie SelfieAs yous can see, mes ALSO doing the Easy!!!


Daddy and Cinnamon went to Penticton and on the way home, they stopped at Vaseau Lake so Cinnamon could chase sticks and go swimming!


Look at that girl swim!!!

Cinny3Here she comes!!!

CinVaseauLakeThrow that stick again Daddy!!!!

And again…And again…And again…And again…

She slept all the way home!!! And yous knows what -she ate her supper!!! (she has not been eating very much since Bob went over the bridge)

Now takes it Easy and has a great Sunday!!!


Artsy Saturday with Athena Cat Goddess

Mes can’t describe what wes went through for this picture, all mes can say is Mommy was following a Photoshop tutorial!

Art19 copy

and it tooked her a long time to gets it even close! Mommy says she is “honing her skills” for work, but mes happy that she did do something for me!

Athena the Cat Goddess has a Saturday Art Blog Hop which we is joining!


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Avast Maties! It’S


Ninja and me is sailing the 7 Skies!!!

Nellie&NinjaMeowLikeaPirate copy

Bwa! Haa!! Haaa!!!



PS. Mes and Ninja sure had fun last night! Alex lefted the sliding door open enough for 2 cats to goes outside WITHOUT LEASHES!

Mommy was skyping with Daddy and thought mes was in our Bedroom, when Alex noticed the screen door was not all the way closed, they gots furry excited.

They runned outside with flashlights and was calling our names!

Ninja was a good boy and came as soon as he was called. Me, gots a little losted.

Mommy finded me about 10 minutes later n front of the right door – yelling to bes let in at the next condo building North!

She apoligized to the peoples who lived there, picked mes up and bringed mes home!