Fish on Sunday

Now, mes knows what fish is.

Mes has been fishing lots with Mommy and Daddy.

Here is one being put back by Daddy, we does catch and release fishing.


And mes KNOWS what their eyes looks like

FishEyeIf yous squeemish, don’t reads this–

Mes LOVES to eats them!!!

When we is camping, Daddy cuts them out of the fishes wes keeps (the ones that would not survive if we put them back) and gives them for us to eats!!!!

Imagine my surprise when my human brother started talking about them.

Nellie1Mes went to my food dish and there was NO Fish Eyes in there!!!

And he was pointing his phone at me! It had a funny looking thing screwed to it.

iphone_fisheyeMes went over to my tree in front of the screen door and hes tooked MORE pictures of me!


This is boring, is my bunny pal outside?


Signature copyPS all the pictures of Nellie were taken with Alex’s new iPhone fish-eye lens

Haggis Hill Part Deux

This post has lots of pictures!

HH1This is how Haggis Hill started. My human brother cut out some curve pieces of cardboard at work.

HH2See the template (the black thing)!

HH3This shows the tube that will be the center of the hill and the cut cardboard.

HH4Then he bringed it home and with double-sided glue tape he glued the cardboard to tube and taped both to coroplast.

HH5Alex then filled the vanes with expanding foam and covered it with that plastic shelf liner. The path on the hill goes counter-clockwise as Haggis can only walk that one direction (The wild Haggis (plural: Haggi) lives in the highlands of Scotland. It is round, four-legged, fur-covered, and usually less than a foot in length (comparable in size to a grouse). It is a shy creature, rarely seen, and for this reason there is great disagreement about its exact morphology and habits. For instance, many who claim to be Haggis experts say that the legs of the Haggis are longer on one side of its body than the other, in order to allow it to better stand on the steep slopes of the highlands. As a consequence, the haggis can only run around hills in one direction, and to catch one you simply run around the hill in the opposite direction. –

HH6Here is Mommy putting the first layer of Papier Mache over top of everything

HH7Here it is after the first coat was put on.

HH8Here is the hill after the second layer dried. Mommy and Alex put on 3 layers of paper (not very thick) with extra coats of Wallpaper paste).

HH10This is the hill after Mommy sprayed on the brown paint. The path is still green tape and not green paint. Does it not look like rocks?

HH11Here is me, me is checking out Haggis Hill!

HH12And here is the Hill on the golf course! Yous can’t see it, but a golf ball went through the other side!

Right now the hill is at my brother’s work. Mommy and Alex is talking about getting some dinosaurs and turning it into a volcano and filming it!!!

Mes thinks that would be pawsome!!!

Oh Yes, while doing all of this, mes discovered a great website!!!

And mes made a new furrend!!!

HH1Mes sended them a picture of MY Haggis Hill

hh2Archie Haggis told me mes needed some sheep and highland cows!!!
Yous can visit him at

Signature copy

Haggis Hill

It has finally been warm here in Calgary. This week, we made a hill!!!

Haggis HillIs in not cool?

Haggis HillIt is 36 inches across the bottom and 33 inches high!

Haggis HillWhy did we makes it?
My human brother is in the Calgary Highland Golf Tournament today and he was tasked to build a hill.\

Whoever’s golf ball gets the closest,wins a prize.

So, now it is gone.

Signature copyPS, we shall be posting pictures of the making of the hill a little later this week.