Happy Howel-ween!!!

Here is what yous all been waiting for!!!

Mes and Ninja and Mommy and the pile of pumpkins!!!

Mes don’t thinks wes forgotted any….

PiumpkinPile copy


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Oh! Oh!!!

We are experiencing technical difficulties….


The Pumpkin Pile will appear tomorrow (HOWL-WEEN)

But tonight yous can sees me in my costume!


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Pumpkins and Magic!

Mes will show yous the giant stack of pumpkins tomorrow night, but peoples has asked how mes makes them and with Mommy’s permission, mes thought me would shows yous the magic!

First Mommy fires up the caldron! Mes sure everfurry body’s Mommy has one.

mOMMY1Mommy sniffs it to make sure that she has put the “right stuff” in it.

Then she adds a Pumpkin from the pile!

mOMMY2 copyThis is where mes says the special spell and adds the words that mes wants on the pumpkin.

Then the caldron bubbles away



When it shows the words….we takes out the pumpkin!



It looks really simple and fast, but each pumpkin takes about 20 minutes of Mommy Magic!!!

Look for the BIGGEST pile tomorrow night!!!

(PS yous has until 6 am tomorrow to gets your own pumpkin!)

kisses copy

Please emails mes at penelope dot catfromhell at gmail.com so mes can emails your pumpkin back

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