Me is Getting a Little Miffed!!

Mommy went to Midway last weekend and leaved mes home with my human brother and Ninja. That was OK, but wess did NOT has TURKEY!!!

And when Mommy came home,

mOMMY copyShe was attacked by a zillion cold viruses and has been sick ALL WEEK, And she’s still SICK!!!

Mes HOPING mes will gets a post out and visits everybody next week.

In the meantime, mes did not knows peoples could bark as loud and as long as doggies…

GE DIGITAL CAMERAHope to sees yous soon!

Signature copyPS Mes sending Lots of Purrs to Mew Mew at Marg’s Animals!


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Greetings from Midway!


Hi Everybody!

Its been a while since I’ve posted. With Nellie in Calgary, what we do here in Midway, does not get mentioned. And Jo Jo and I have been busy!

Do we miss Nellie? Well, I sure do. I miss having her growl at and whap me. And listening to her and Jo Jo fight, and watching the 2 of them fight…it is really quiet without her!

I have been taking care of Dad. He got a bad flu and he spent almost a week in bed – except for taking Cinnamon for walks and making our dinners. I made sure that I slept beside him to take care of him.

And Jo Jo! Keeping track of that girl is a fulltime job! She does not like to come in at night and I won’t come in until she does, I have to make sure the coyotes don’t get her. It makes Daddy laugh watching me try to corral her towards the door.

And Cinnamon is slowly getting over  Bob’s passing over the bridge.  I have been playing with her too!

A Man Cat’s work is never done!

Now excuse me while I finish inspecting this pile of laundry! I gotta make sure I get hair on all the towels!


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Going to Midway

Yep! Mes been incognito this week, cuz Mommy has been BUZY!!!

You know why,

Going to Midway

She’s leaving mes here with Ninja and my human brother and she’s going to visit Daddy and Kozmo and Jo Jo and my hairy slobbery sister Cinnamon!

Is me miffed?

Just a little. Mes will miss turkey!

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