So Long Dearest Bob!


Bob “Roberta” Kowalik, came into our life 14 years ago. She was a small, wriggly black and white puppy with one blue eye. Since then, she slept with us almost every night-even when she grew and demanded at least half the bed!

She was gorgeous ball of fluff and  everyone who met her was smitten. She was 1/2 Sheltie and 1/2 Aussie Shepard and had a gorgeous coat! She acted like a little Princess and soon that’s what her Daddy called her. Every time we called her that, even on her last day, her tail would wag and she would smile.

Bob was afraid of strange dogs, she was so scared, her vet recommended we get another dog and we found out that Bob’s mother had another litter up for adoption and we got Bob’s half sister Sam (Samantha). They were inseparable. That is when we discovered that 2 dogs were much easier to take care of than 1. With Sam beside her, Bob could be around other dogs. Sam was her rock.

She was a very happy dog and she was stoic. Stoic was not a quality I really knew she had until her sister Sam went over the bridge The only time I ever saw Bob cry was when Sam went over the bridge 3 summer’s ago. But Bob already had Cinnamon to take care of. Once in awhile, Bob would laying Sam’s favorite spot and look wistful, but Cinnamon was a lively busy puppy and kept Bob busy. Stoic.

2 summer’s ago, Bob got glaucoma and lost her blue eye. We had not realized how much pain she was in, until after the operation. That is when I became aware how well Bob hid her pain. That winter she had a minor stroke, but fully recovered, but we knew that her arthritis was causing her a fair amount of pain. She was also going deaf. We taught her hand signals. We knew her time was near and chose to give her the gift of a wonderful summer.

She LOVED summer! Swimming in the river, laying in the sun and that is what she got to do! Extra treats, brushes and us pretending that her incontinence was not an issue (even though it will take a while to get the smell out). When I was home right after her birthday (the August long weekend), Bob told me she was tired, She would like to go and be with Sam before the autumn rains came, And this Saturday was the day.

I arrived in Midway Friday evening and she and I had a long conversation. She wanted a belly rub and she wanted me to wash her stinky bum. She wanted a cuddle and she wanted treats. I brought her her favorite dinner – KFC and she was allowed to eat as much as she wanted. And she got to have gravy too!

The next morning we went for a walk. She chased her ball (a little bit), we walked really slow and we did not rush her when she laid down to rest every 6 feet. When we got back, she had a snooze and then we took her to the vet. We brought Boo Boo (a stuffed cat she has had since she first came to live with us). And she laid with her head on Boo Boo all the way to Grand Forks.

When we got to the vet;s, she was a little scared, but she relaxed. We talked about what a wonderful dog she was, we called her Princess and we talked about Sam. She had her head on Boo Boo, like she loves to do when she is napping and the Vet gave her a sedative. Soon she drifted off to sleep, Daddy rubbed her ears and we talked about how she and Sam would have so much fun together. She smiled and she sighed and she was gone.

Farewell Dear Bob, You will always be Mommy’s Heart Dog.



Goodbye Sparkle!

Mommy has been furry busy at work.

Mes gots a award to announce

and me is weeks late in having a pawty for my blogoversary…

Mommy has to works this weekend too,

but when wes readed about Sparkle,

Wes had to send our condolences.


Sparkle is a STAR!

Sparkle is one of the smartest lady cats that me knows… and yous knows what?

Sparkle is my HERO!!!

Girlfriend, mes going to miss yous lots!!!

Signature copy





Why me was surprised you ask??!!

Sitting on the sofa!Me was sitting on the sofa with Mommy. Me was wondering why we had not gone to bed.

It was late and way past Mommy’s Work Night bed Time.

My Human brother came in and put something down on the floor.

GE DIGITAL CAMERAIt laid there and looked at me. Then it gotted up and comed over and stared at me.

Me stared back.

Me watched him and he watched me.

Then…Mommy and mes went to bed.

Me stayed in the bedroom all day. Mommy has putted my dinner in the bedroom, my heating pad bed and the car litter box in there and mes had a lazy day.

Ninja (who is my new nephew) and mes played around the door a bit. Then my brother came home form his work and letted mes out.


Mes laid on the sofa and watched this young whipper snapper bound around the little house! He made me tired just watching him!

Hes the same age and about the same size as Jo-Jo. His owner could not keeps him. He is neutered and chipped and furry well behaved.


The SPCA and the Pound and Paws is all full, there has been a bumper crop of kittens this year, and being older and bigger and black, he did not has too good a future.

My human brother says he has missed having a cat (Caesar was my human brother’s cat). And Ninja is now part of our household.

Tomorrow, Ninja will stay in my brother’s room and mes will gets the run of the house!

GE DIGITAL CAMERATonight we had a bit of a hissy fit when Ninja came in the little warm room when me was using the litter box.

Me hates ANYBODY (including Mommy and Daddy) in the room when me uses the facilities!

Me is positive mes will be showing yous a whole lot more of Ninja (including videos of him and the rolly ball scratcher!)Signature copy